Blindrunner is a power two piece that specializes in noise washed pop songs that tilt to the dark side. Influences from Joy Division to the Melvins, blindrunner weaves dirty little tunes with driving rhythms to create as unique soundscape that transport listeners to somewhere just the other side of the beer they are drinking.

Blindrunner is Owen Beard on Guitar, vocals and John Call on drums.


The debut album "Bubblegum," will release July 25th!

Here is the song list:

1. True believers

2. Babylon

3. Classroom

4. Burn

5. You Sing (explicit)

6. Little Sister

7. Let’s go out to night

8. I Know You Care

9. Contagious

10. Rise

11. Stepford Wife (explicit)

12. Backslider (explicit)

13. Sirens


The Go to songs:

The quintessential Blindrunner track is “Sirens,” in that it has all the elements of our instrumentation. “Classroom,” has a mid-tempo, dreamy, poppy feel. “True Believers,” is a quicker pop song.  My favorite is “Let’s Go Out Tonight.” It has a slightly rockabilly thing on top of our standard post punk vibe.


Our Sound:

Blindrunner is heavily influenced by Joy Division, Husker Du and Mission of Burma. Contemporary bands that synch. with our sound include A Giant Dog, Wolf Alice (harder songs), Foals (harder songs),The Editors, Moaning.