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And before all of this local brilliance, the two-person juggernaut known as Blindrunner took the stage, belting out a sort of near-electronic rock that came – loudly – from some sonic landscape somewhere between Big Black and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, with a healthy dose of pop sensibility thrown on like a sugar coating.



In another world John Call moved to Austin and died. Owen Beard stayed in Brooklyn and played bass for the band Rattleteeth. The rock and roll universe kept rolling along.


But that didn’t happen. After Austin, John Moved back to Colorado. He was sitting on a box in a shop on south Broadway. Owen was walking down the street trying to impress his new girlfriend. He had moved to Denver when life I New York didn’t work out. They had met 8 years earlier at a party. John was hitting himself I the head with a badminton racquet. He said ”this is really satisfying. You should try it.” So Owen hit him in the head with the racquet for an uncomfortably long time. Clearly he meant hit yourself.


At that time john was playing drums for Baldo Rex, A local favorite in the fast, brittle, jank rock universe. It was just the kind of scene Owen was looking for. But again centripetal forces spread the players apart. John moved to Minneapolis then to Austin looking for a band that could use his heavy handed drumming. After settling back to Denver he was at a friends’ store when Owen walked by, recognized him and said” holly shit! I heard you were dead.”





April 13th


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